Thursday, 4 August 2016

Traditional Newspapers versus Internet News

Why should you read a paper printed on a hard copy while the web is not so inconvenient?

Most of the time and you, you don't have a computer and access, respectively to the web. Also, lots of folks find a notebook computer cumbersome although the size of which has become smaller now. Thus, reading a "ACTUAL" newspaper continues to be the option in their opinion. The truth is, you can carry a tradition paper that is printed and read it everywhere such as on the bus, on the airplane and on a cruise ship. You can almost take this piece of paper to everywhere and above all, the weight of the newspaper that is printed is not considerably heavier than a laptop and surely, a desk top computer.

In view of this, Satellite Newspapers developed a software and Multicast Satellite Network which provides a superb fast supply "highway" around the world. It's capable of multi broadcasting digital newspaper files through the world, receiving and printing the papers with linked systems. Associate of the Satellite Papers, Pontus International distributes paper information on a daily basis and receives and sells this information via multiple output signals apparatus, such as CLiENT and the KiOSK. We can give you 190 top multinational papers from over 60 countries in 32 languages in Hong Kong at exactly the same time when they can be printed abroad. Before your folks of your home country due to the time difference, you may also read the news in Hong Kong in some blink of an eye.

If you want to read a same day edition of The Washington Post, Le Monde and 190 other International papers, you can come to us. Even better, we can deliver to us. Please see our web site [] for more details.

Instantaneous communication is being talked about by everyone in this world and thus, reading news that is old isn't in any way helpful to your decision making in the current rapid changing environment. However, you can count on Pontus which is dedicated to enable you to solve this issue because our top priority will be to give you the most precise and more rapid info from your home country, regardless of where it's found.